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Zomato introduces Period Leaves for its women employees.

And I was blown away when I read this!!

Zomato introduces Period Leaves for women.

Women can take extra 10 leaves per year, one per menstrual cycle.

We live in a country, where periods are considered taboo.

Making it really difficult for women to be open about it.

Sanitary pads are still wrapped in black bags so that it's not visible.

And between all this, Zomato making much need decision.

The article talks about how women have to come up with reasons for taking the leave due to, " health issues "

Also reinforcing that there should be no shame and stigma to apply period leaves.

The blog says, " men and women are born with different biological structures. It is our job to make sure that we make room for our biological needs "

All I can say Zomato you have my huge respect!!

And I hope other brands are going to adopt it as well :)

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