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Power of Value-Added Services

A company chooses firm A over firm B for providing the solution to their problem statement!!!

Can you guess why??

Though they both quoted the same

Both were reputed firms of their domain.

Both had the same quality as per the solution.

And were taking the same time to provide the solution.

Still, firm A was chosen!!!

Any idea why???

The firm A was chosen because it was providing extra values to the client in the same budget. What do extra values mean here??

All those features, quality, and added parameters that were not demanded by the client but still provided by the firms in the client's budget are called extra values or value-added services!!!

This plays a vital role when there is a close competition to get a deal. As a sales guy, you should always gaze at your customer and should give these value-added services which will make them choose you above all.

It's not easy as said but when done strategically will always add value to your service and extra points as a solution provider and will change your customer into a "loyal customer."

For me, it is one of the prime principles I follow while pitching to my clients!!!

Do you also think Value-added services make an impact as a solution provider??

Let me know your thoughts!!!

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