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Is India ready for evolution in Automobile Industry??

In my last post, I talk about the future of the Automobile Industry!!!

But the question is, how are they going to achieve it??

The answer lies in the manufacturing of automobiles which comprises production, maintenance, quality, engineering & designing. All in all the answer lies in the industry 4.0 initiative which includes Automation, Digitalization, Lean practices, IIOT, ML & AI.

To start with industry 4.0 initiative, companies look at basic steps such as digital transformation meaning eliminating papers. It can be done through Andon System & Online Report generation System. Then comes doing POKA YOKE through Traceability Systems, getting OEE & OLE of their machines & production line & managing their warehouse.

The 2nd stage comes with Preventive analysis & Predictive Analysis. In this stage, companies look to prevent and predict any mishappening to their manufacturing machines.

The 3rd is implementing IIOT, ML & AI in the manufacturing process. Video Analytics, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are prime examples.

Alongside this, the designing & engineering of Automobiles play a vital role as it creates a pathway of the manufacturing of the automobiles.

What are your thoughts on industry4.0 in the automobile industry??

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