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Importance of Target Audience and their Psychology in Marketing

Hey Marketers, what's your view on this?

What's the best way of Marketing?

Please first comment before reading the full post it will help me to know others perspective :)

No cheating OK! Now as you have put your comments let's discuss!!!

I think it's not tools, Ads, or any other technical stuff!!!

In fact, it's knowing the Target Audience, their psychology & doing experiments based on the data derived from them.

Marketing is not that complex unless we stick to its basic principle.

For years many people try to gain ROI from marketing but fail to do so and when asked about their strategy their answers are mostly technical and tools based.

But if you ask any genuine marketer, he or she will stick with data-driven experiments and to their TG.

That's how they run a successful marketing campaign!!!

Know your TG, do the data analysis, and then do data derived marketing.

And of course, never fear to do experiments 👍

Your Thoughts??!!

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