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Brand before Sales!!!

A few days back I had a conversation with one of my friends who was sad as his online course was not getting sales.

He asked me to look into it and to get up with a solution!!!

so I started digging into his problem statement. Though the course was really good it had one big issue!!!

There was no marketing of either a course or about my friend!!!

I know the end goal of any product is sales, but it won't happen if you will not create a brand around it.

People in the digital world always prefer to buy things from a branded organization.

So you need to first create your brand!!!

For that, you either need to sell things for free or need to invest in branding so that people will notice you.

The flow of your Target Audience is like this:-

Cold---> Warm---> Hot

When they are cold there is a 5-7% chance that they will gonna buy it from you. When they are Warm there is a 40-60% chance that they will buy from you, but when they are Hot then there is an 80-95% chance that they will buy it from you.

So pitch when they are Hot or at least when Warm. Before that always look into creating your brand and making them notice about you.

The Brand will itself make your sale go higher!!!

That's why the word smarketing is trending these days!!!

What's your view on it?? Do you also think that creating a brand should be the primary task before selling??

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box!!!

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