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A New LinkedIn!!!

What's different is LinkedIn's new LinkedIn Brand!!!!

Many of us have noticed that LinkedIn is continuously experimenting with UI & UX.

A few days back they changed the header from blue to black and blue and yesterday they changed the background of their logo.

In my previous post, I mentioned the statement of the brand head that why they had changed their logo and header.

They want to connect on a personal level with their users and make them feel like LinkedIn is for everyone and it helps everyone to grow!!!

I saw an article on LinkedIn News that how COVID-19 has largely effected LGBTQ employees in various companies and thus to come up with their support they changed the logo background.

Also, I think, that change of color in their logo and header a few days back, it was to show that they are with the black community of the USA.

All these things show, how much they are carrying about their users and want to build a personal connection with them.

They want their users to involve in LinkedIn as much as they involve in Facebook, Insta, and other social platforms.

And as a matter of fact, doing these things are letting people notice their effort and kinda making them fall in love with LinkedIn.

I think it's a masterstroke by LinkedIn and it's now that they are branding themself like Social media which is for everyone.

What's your view on it? Have you noticed these changes? Did you too fall in Love with LinkedIn?

Let me know your views in the comment box.

Awaiting some interesting views on the other side!!!

Btw, you can visit to know more details about LinkedIn Brand.

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