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Top 7 Tips & Hacks that you should follow before your Sales Meetings!!!

As a sales guy, we always look towards sales meetings!!!

It sets the next course of action.

Here are the top 7 hacks you should follow before your sales meeting:-

  1. Research the company, their Products & their Services.

  2. Always send a Confirmation Mail before the Sales meeting.

  3. In your sales meeting, try to find their pain point & majorly focus on proposing the solutions to their problem.

  4. Its always better to build a relationship with customers than selling directly in the first go. You can do this in various ways like listening to their problems, Giving your inputs to their solution, etc.

  5. Always try to have a Sales meeting with Right Stakeholders/Decision Makers. It will help you to boost your chances of closing the account quickly.

  6. Try to sell your Product/Services through stories/Case studies. This helps leads to connect with their problem.

  7. At the end of the meeting, always look to share the visiting cards with your leads. Believe me, if the meeting is done right, the visiting card helps both you and the lead to connect back quickly.

What are your sales Hack?

Let me know in the comment box!!!

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