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Story of how a Toothpaste Company boosted it's Sales

It's a story of a simple idea!!!

An idea that changed sales dynamic for a company

The story is of the 1950s when a toothpaste company (name mentioned below) called for an open competition to suggest ideas that could boost their sales.

For many days they didn't get a proper idea until a one fine day a man contacted them telling that he has an idea which would cost them almost nothing to implement but would yield an immediate 40% increase in business.

He quoted $100,000 for the idea. Though the price was high & the company not getting any other idea, they decided to take the bait.

After all, the legal procedures completed & the money transferred to the man. He gave them a small slip of paper written: “Make the hole bigger.”

Previously, the toothpaste tubes had a small opening of about 5 mm for squeezing out the paste. If you increase the diameter of the hole from 5mm to 6mm, the volume of paste squeezed out is increased by 40%. So, most users have to consume the tube much faster and hence need to buy more.

This very simple strategy created history for the company.

The company- Colgate!!!

Moral- If you too have any such simple but spectacular idea that you believe can create a great impact, never afraid to express it.

Your Thoughts?

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