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"Sell the Solution, Not the Product!!!"

Yes, that has always been my sales mantra.

I learned this during my college days while working with E-Cell, VIT.

People are never interested in your products or services until it solves their problem.

But when you are selling the solution to their problem then damn they gonna throw money like hell. That particular solution which you might have evaluated for a value x will be sold for 2x, 3x, or even in some cases x square.

Now people will ask me what is the difference between a solution and product/services!!!

Well, the answer is simple...what you offer is termed as a product/service but what the customer wants is termed as the solution.

Now how can a product/service become a solution??

The answer is simple!!!

You sell your product to the ones who actually need them. The moment you will sell your product to someone who is actually in a need of it, that particular product/service will become a solution and you will be on a driving seat to do the negotiation.

Be rest assured they will want it and your only job left will be to pitch in such a way that they are forced to purchase it from you only.

So how do you find the right set of customers for your product/service??

You need to answer these 4 questions!!!

  1. What am i selling?

  2. Which problems is this product/service is going to solve?

  3. Whose gonna benefit from it?

  4. How am i going to reach to my Target Audience/ Customers?

If you have the answers of all these 4 questions then my friend surely you will end up with your Target Audience.

I hope i am not missing anything here but in case you have some input guys are always welcome to put forward your views in the comment box.

Awaiting some interesting inputs from the other side!!!

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