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Reaching on top vs Staying on top

Reaching on top is easy but staying on top is not!!!

That's where the real game begins.

Everyone can reach their top of the game, but few are the ones who stay at top till last or at least for a longer period of time!!!

Reason- Inconsistency. Period.

Few are the people who consistently do the same & the right thing even after reaching the top.

Why do they do so?

Hunger for more achievements & In this hunger they do all the stuff again and again making them go through the same process every day to produce excellent results.

And that's where a large number of people fall short.

If you want to be at the top of your game every time, you need to be consistent with your process!!!

Be it your game, occupation, personal development, or any other thing.

Consistency is always and the only key.

There is no other shortcut.

That being said,

What are your thoughts?

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