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Power of building Client Relationship!!!

And they said, "Congrats, finally we can start working with you"!!!

It happened in my college, I was working as a BA in a startup.

We got an RFQ & like every other solution provider, we sent our technical proposal.

My job was to close the account and get the project. We took the requirement & after a heavy brainstorming, came up with an optimized solution.

The client was in aww with our solution!!!

We had a long discussion where we presented our solution and the value-added services which we were offering.

Then came the commercial part, we discussed a lot but our price didn't match their budget. Alas, we couldn't get the project but what it did was it created a bond between us and the client.

He told, he wanted to work with us but due to budget-constrained, he can't. Nevertheless, he promised that he will come back to us if he gets any new requirements.

8 months after we got a call from the same client with a new requirement and this time our price was matching with his budget.

Supersinglly, there was no price negotiation & we got the project in one go. & that's when he said those words!!!

That's the power of building Client Relationships.

Have such events also occured with you?

Let me know in the comment box!!

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