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How Everyone is a CEO & an Entrepreneur!!

Hey Mayank, are you an entrepreneur/CEO?

Me- Yes I am, in fact, everyone is a CEO.

How can you be?? You work as a Business Development Executive in a firm!!!

Yes, I do, but I am still a CEO. I am the CEO of my life!!!

And like me, everyone is the CEO of their own life and everyone is an entrepreneur.

What is life? If you introspect it's just like a company which you run & the decisions you take effect it.

A good decision will keep your life prosperous (profitable) & a bad one will dormant (lose) it.

But in both cases, you are the decision-maker, making you your own CEO.

Life is tough just like running a company.

But if you have that entrepreneur inside you, you will eventually succeed.

It's all up to you, you can be Elon Musk of your life, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani, or even Ratan Tata.

But be an entrepreneur and always thrive for success!!

What are your thoughts??

Are you also a CEO??

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