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Facebook Launches Avatar in India!!!

Facebook has rolled out a new feature AVATAR!!!

You can use this Avatar in Facebook comments, stories, profile pictures, and Messenger chat windows. These Avatars can also be shared on WhatsApp chats.

The company has decided to introduce this feature given the surge in Facebook usage during quarantine and stay-at-home orders around the globe.

We all know that the engagements on Facebook have gone down in recent years as the traction has moved towards other social media apps like Instagram, Tumbler, and the meme society of Twitter.

Also, the Facebook Messenger is almost dead with the rise of apps like WhatsApp, Telegram & Hike- which is purposely known for the emojis and Avatar-like features.

The thought is straight, they want the traction back on FB with this.

But will they succeed??

I think this traction will last for some time but not gonna be permanent. At least not the way it used to be in previous days!!!

What are your thoughts??

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