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Everything you should know about LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index)!!

So I came to know about this interesting feature on LinkedIn, called ๐—ฆ๐—ฆ๐—œ!!

SSI (Social Selling Index) is a metric that LinkedIn Sales Navigator has created.

SSI measures you and your's company performance on four major verticles which are:-

1. Establish Your Professional Brand

2. Find the Right People

3. Engage with Insights

4. Build Relationships

You can score a maximum of 25 in any of the 4 verticles and the interesting part is that it updates daily!!.

This is based on your rank in the Industry SSI rank & your Network SSI rank.

Do check out your score using this tool & gain more insights on how you can leverage LinkedIn in a more optimized way!!

Link for checking your SSI Score is given below:

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