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COVID-19 Impact on Sales and Marketing

COVID-19 has changed the dynamics of Sales & Marketing!

It has broken many conventional concepts of Business Development.

One of them is the Concept of Networking & Sales Pitching!

Before COVID-19, people preferred to network over the conferences & do sales pitching physically.

The belief was that physically people connect well & deliver well during the sales pitch.

Even the prospects wanted sales guys to come over & explain to them about their product & services.

But with COVID-19, all these practices were put on hold & people had to look for unconventional methods to personalize the networking & do sales pitching.

And in doing so, people became more open to connecting via LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail & many other social media platforms & at the same time, both Sales representatives & prospects started meeting over online meeting platforms.

Not even sales, but project teams & clients are also working with each other through online portals.

All these have created a boom in Social Media & Online Meeting Platforms.

Yes, it's true that we need to walk a long mile to strengthen this process but for a start, it has been a good shift towards the digital business development process.

Your Thoughts?

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