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China Initial response to India banning of 59 Apps along with TikTok, SHARE IT & UC BROWSER!!!

China is strongly concerned and verifying the situation. We want to stress that Chinese Govt. always asks Chinese businesses to abide by International & Local laws-regulation. India Govt. has a responsibility to uphold the legal rights of international investors including Chinese ones- Zhao Lijian (Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson)

This statement of Mr. Zhao speaks for themselves that china was not expecting such kind of moves and now is looking to clear the air and trying to look innocent in the whole scenario.

The reason Indian Govt. has put on banning these apps were that these apps were Stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users' data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India"

These 59 apps account for 5% of total installs on India's App Store and Google Play in Q2, 2020, and have seen about 330 million downloads in the country in Q2, 2020. just imagine how much data the Chinese govt. holds of non-Chinese people overall.

And with these data they can do any kind of cyber-attack on any of the countries as we already know this Chinese govt. is of expansion mentality.

This banning is also important looking at the confrontation going between India and China over Laddakh border as India would not want to give China any opportunity to harm Indian people, economy and prestige through cyber attack.

India is looking to solve this issue as soon as possible and on the LAC itself and does't want any kind of war on any other front.

Now let's come to the Indian situation and try to link it with Atamnirbhar Bharat and Make in India initiatives.

With these banning there are chances that we can see a rise in social media start-ups as there are cases where apps like Chingari is already making its way to Indian audience!!!

What do you think? How will this banning transform the social media platforms and other android based Indian start-ups??

Let me know your views in the comment box!!!

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