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5 Sales hack for Sales Executives:

1. Never sell your product, instead sell the solution you have for their problem statement. Clients are generally not interested in what your product is, they are interested in how your product can solve their problem.

2. Before selling yourself and your product try to create a bond with the client so that you can understand them. This helps a lot during sales closer.

3. Your first impression is the most important, thus before pitching in front of the client do deep research of their organization and domain. This will help you to connect your product/solution with their working process.

4. Always talk in ROI with the client and explain them how much your product will give in return to their investment. This creates a mark in their minds and increases the chance of their investment.

5. Always give some extra values to the client (make sure you directly or indirectly highlight it) in the budget you finalize. This helps a lot in the client-vendor relationship. The client tends to do regular projects with the vendor who provides them some extra values in the same budget.

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